Realms of the Mist

Book description

The Gifted have the blood of the first gods. Their realms are hidden within nature, away from modern towns and technology. Kamau is born to the Hadiza, ‘a people of death,’ who repress all emotions They must do this to guard the gateways between the physical, and the spiritual worlds.
The mysterious death of Kamau’s sister shakes the foundations of all his beliefs. It thrusts him on a journey for answers. A journey that exposes him to other Gifted realms, customs and traditions, including those of the non-magical world.
He meets companions along the way, each with an unknown role to play.

Kamau soon discovers that his sister’s death is tied to the rise of an ancient and ageless evil. And the stakes could not be higher!
For him, his companions, and the world at large.


Be it born to darkness and sacrifice,
or be it raised amidst love and hope;
for those who dwell under light and freedom,
and those who are shackled to ways preordained,
the cruellest curses stem from our greatest blessings.
And yet some are cursed, so that others may be blessed.

 Kamau is born to a people who repress all emotion, but his first experience of grief shakes the foundations of all his beliefs. It thrusts him on a journey for answers, and ultimately pits him and a few unexpected companions against an ageless power.

Sample reviews

Review by Chris Hall

From the first few chapters which Jude sent my way, I was bowled over by the story, Jude’s poetic use of language, his wonderful world-building and his charming and conflicted characters in whom I quickly became so invested…

Review by Pooja Gudka

 As a reader, you feel your connection with the characters growing as you read on and begin to understand them and their lives better. The plot was something I truly enjoyed. I am not a big fan of fantasy or anything that isn’t set in the real world. I’m starting to think that maybe I just hadn’t found something that was the right fit for me because this book really took my breath away.

Review by Colleen Chesebro

The world-building in this novel is some of the best. Look for African mythology, gods and goddesses, and the ultimate fight for good over evil. The author’s imagery is rich and detailed, placing you right in the middle of the action. The dialogue is engaging and the characters draw you into the story. There were even some surprises I never saw coming…

Excerpt Page 67

“It is not an easy thing to question one’s purpose; to throw yourself into uncertainty, and live each moment with barely an inkling of what comes next. But it’s even worse if you are born into a destiny, if you have only ever known one truth. For the strongest truths often have the deepest secrets.”

“This is a great adventure with lots of excitement and action. Its African setting and interesting mythological components make this an extraordinary read.”

Robbie Cheadle

I loved the story and it touched my heart. This is the first book in the series that has aroused my curiosity. I hope that in the next series I will find the answers to my questions.

~Jane Aguiar~


“What do you see in this window?” she asked.
“A goddess hiding all the answers.”
~Page 170~


Exclusive excerpts HERE

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