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Claimed #etheree and poem.

Space dangles freedom before the tired mind
Yet hearts still incarcerate one’s will
When desire haunts isolation
And longing stifles healing
They say to start within
But it is in depth
that yearning thrives
The Empty
That is

Roots of a soulmate
To be lost, yet ever claimed
undying fealties

Tiny Treasure Corner

Fabulous Linguine with clam sauce by Eileen Slovak. I really hope to try this some day soon.

This dish brings me back to my roots, a small town in Rhode Island called Narragansett, where the ocean was only steps away. I was spoiled by the abundance of fresh seafood readily available. Boy do I miss it!

Linguine with clam Sauce by Eileen Slovak

This is an easy dish to make even if you don’t have access to fresh clams. But if you do, all the better. Gather your ingredients and let’s go!

Full recipe here…

Hope you enjoy this.


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Soul-gazing and love’s doctrine #poetry


The death of love’s doctrine
Was a pain to behold
We watched it fade in our children
And wondered what signs we missed
What lessons were mistaught
For how could a Truth so strong it seemed eternal
Wither to dream and fairytale
Was it the dawn of self-love
Misunderstood by many, though not all
Awakening selfish trends
Ambitions that overlooked compassion
The Self at the expense of the bond
For who said one cannot love oneself
and still have love to spare for another

They tried to burn those words we hoped would guide them
But the flames blew out
For the winds of change
Would not accept this change
Love’s doctrine would survive.

Tall Tales Corner

An antic chandelier
From an age of mystics
Its crystals glisten
with light so soft it feels like starlight
and yet so loud
that when the wind gales
and the crystals chime
their voices wail
So flip that switch with caution
Lest you're trapped stargazing
Or rather, soul-gazing
For in perfection
we find the darkest secrets

Hope you enjoy these. For Sadje’s whatdoyousee and Caley’s writephoto.

Looking forward to your thoughts…


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Poetry of appreciation. #Womensday

Hey Everyone,
Happy Women’s day.
I don’t really need this day to appreciate women, but I do understand its significance to past achievements and the ongoing struggle for equality and mutual respect.
I wrote these poems in the last ten days on my twitter (@JItakali), with no awareness that Women’s day was around the corner.

The lines of prose in bold are just wild ponderings and curiosities.

Beautiful faith
That wholesomeness of purpose
Soiled by disciples bereft of acceptance
Can the universe be contained in one thought and one way
If you open your mind
You may see that your choice need not be mine

New believer
Boots with an evangelist sheen
Your way, or the highway

Each person is unique and they deserve a choice. A choice that should be respected.

She holds him to his word
If he tells, she leaves!
It’s different for a man
He’ll be exalted by peers
While she, will be labelled pariah
Their secret must bloom in shadow
For with hearts already claimed
they cherish an affair
knowing their love can never be

Isn’t it odd that the harshest critics to polygamous/gypsy women are fellow women? Maybe the men just like an abundance of available women but I’m not sure.

When a loveless existence was the dread of virgin dreamers, death played along a ribcage stairwell, as if poised to reap souls and scythe the hearts of any who chose the lone way.
Would we become sheep,
Enduring much to adhere to custom?
Killing dreams for this love perception

I have nothing against marriage but I hate seeing parents peddle this as a MUST accomplishment in life, often keeping their children, especially girls, in abusive marriages. People, the planet is already full. It’s about time having a family became optional. (this coming from a guy who wants to raise five daughters)

When love teaches by breaking
The damsel sharpens her widow-maker
and abandons the exuvia of dreams
She savours love’s darker proclivities
If you Obey
She’ll grant your deepest fetish
But just like love
She blesses for a moment
To curse for eternity

Just a bit of horror to highlight the darker powers of the fairer sex – purely entertainment.

Patient as night
Soft as a breeze
A pacific embrace
And Neptunian depths of acceptance
All she wants is you
The way you are- furrow and crease
But deep down you know-
She deserves more

her tropical love
an evergreen rainforest
I’m inadequate

And a bit of the woman’s powers of light – though I think this is changing. Queens want ‘what they desrve.’

On the flipside of pain
her hands stroked his dirty pages
Arousing the other side
She reached into his darkness
Tormenting passion’s dead lagoon-
with a storm’s caress
Her tears fell
like freckled rain glimmering with light
Their stories mingled
Bursting into new beginnings

Book Candy Corner

A collection of short stories where dreams and nightmares co-exist.

Nestled inside these pages, you’ll meet a couple in their golden years who take a trip with an unexpected detour, a boy desperate to give his brother the Christmas gift he asked for, a girl with a small glass dragon who is at the mercy of her cruel uncles, or a young mother who has the same dream about murder. You’ll be introduced to worlds where people get second chances and monsters might be allowed their desires while angels and dragons try to help. Happy endings occur, but perspective can blur the line between good and evil in these twenty-seven tales. Since the stories vary between 99 to 12k words, whether you have only five minutes or an entire evening to settle into reading, there is something that will suit your time and taste.

Universal Amazon Preorder LINK

Hope you enjoy, Happy Women’s day. I’m always writing these short poems on my twitter. Feel free to follow me and engage @JItakali. Looking forward to your thoughts on any or all poems, and how about that Book Candy Corner…


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Flowers and gods

I live in a world of gods but they are silent
A lifetime of worship, devotion, and sacrifice
yet they deny me this one boon
They deny me you

Come back, my love

A semblance of power pulses all around us
I reach for it
, delve into the alchemy of the great mother
and preserve you in a stasis of aching beauty
but it is not enough
The gods hoard all the rest
And I need you, my sunrise

In a world without gods, our wills stir the cosmos
I reach into the infinite
and touch the divine dispersions once denied me
My chains are shattered
I see your soul in the chaos that must not be disturbed
But for you, my love

Reena’s Xploration challenge
Eugi’s moonwashed challenge

Tall Tales corner

The flowers which sank an empire
grew on a land rich in minerals of mass destruction
They came with gifts and lies, masked in dreams
But this time we refused them
They said the weapons they'd make would protect the world
But mining them would leave our land in ruin
Our air would be fouled
Our waters, poisoned
So we refused them
When diplomacy failed, they attacked our culture
Not long afterwards, their ships landed on our shores
And all we had were flowers
But this time, the world was watching
And one way or the other, these flowers would sink an empire

For Caley’s #writephoto prompt – battleship

I feel I must disclaim that both the tales in this post are works of fiction and explored perspective and are not in any way intended to offend. Discussions are very welcome.

Looking forward to your thoughts.


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Lovers’ creed #poetry #whatdoyousee

#whatdoyousee image prompt

So I glimpsed a wayward soul
Hot and cold it summoned me
A promise that we’d be whole
We sought love’s rising tides
We hoped to weather its storms

But the Lovers’ creed was cruel
An adventure riddled with risk
Where tides rose to fill our gaping needs
Only to leave them wider

In the eye of storm
where soulmates dwell
and lone hearts roam
I am surrounded by bittersweet pain
For even love must have balance
Must have an anti-love

So I glimpse that wayward soul from a distance
For its beauty
For its promise
For its resilience
And I know that once more
I will hearken to love’s call
Resigned to what awaits me

Savannah love #kouta #poetry

Oh this land of loving sun!
where light wakes in song
and dancers bewitch shy moons
Sweet Savannah love

Aiyeee Aiyeee! we bellow
This need cannot hide
When love sings upon the wind
Lions sleep that night

The grass whispers our yearning
Secrets in the glade
The leopard won’t change its spots
So too our promise
of true Savannah love!


For #TankaTuesday this week, we were given a specific form chosen by Reena. The Kouta’s themes reflect ordinary life and often use colloquialisms and onomatopoeia. The most popular are love songs.

Kouta is a Japanese syllabic form perfect for traditional or hometown/village poetry. I hope you enjoy. Follow the tankatuesday link above to see the guidelines for writing it. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Stay safe, stay loving.