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Blog tour winners and Brand New full cover reveal.

Hey everyone,

It’s been an intense week of revision and discussions for me. But I’m here as promised to announce the winners of the blog tour participation.

It was a close count so instead of three, we have five winners who’ll get an epub copy of Broken Ties as well as an epub of my poetry book CROSSROADS (Winds of love). CONGRATULATIONS!

It was a wonderful blog tour and we have three more winners who’ll get a copy of CROSSROADS (Winds of Love) Congratulations

Hope you enjoy the books, and where possible, leave a review on Goodreads.

Full book Cover

It’s three days to Broken Ties going Live on Amazon and it gives me great pleasure to share the paperback cover freshly designed by Unicorn cats publishing services, with some little input from myself.

You can pre-order the Broken Ties ebook now on Amazon. Both ebook and physical copies will be live on 17th May.

I’ll be getting in touch with the recipients’ blogs for an email address to which I’ll send the books.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. Remember to buy the books and/or spread the word.

Im off to continue revision for my semester finals. Catch you later


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Broken Ties blogtour finale.

Hey everyone,
It’s the Broken Ties blog tour FINALE!
We made it back to ground zero here on Tales Told Different.

I’ll start by giving special thanks to the blog tour hosts:

I’ll be revisiting the comments sections in the blogtour stops this Saturday (14th), and will announce the three to five lucky winners of the giveaways (an epub copy of both Broken Ties and Crossroads Winds of love) on Sunday 15th May. I’ll then reach out through email and send you the copies.

I’m going a bit dark over the next two weeks. Brain and focus on defcon 2 (you don’t want to know what 1 is).
I’ll pop in to reveal the full print/paperback cover (you’re going to want a copy of this).
Here’s a final tour excerpt:

I’ve pre-written and scheduled some poetry and prose posts to keep my site active during the busy release time when I’ll be occupied with exams. I may not read your blogs in that time but I will fleet in to respond to any comments.

Remember, you can pre-order your Amazon copy today or wait for the full cover reveal and get one for your physical shelf, or get both, hehe.

Pre-order on Amazon

Catch you for the winner announcements on Sunday. Thank you everybody who’s been following the tour. The support was overwhelming. Catch you on the weekend.

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Pooja Gudka: Broken Ties Blog Tour Day 6

Hey everyone. Welcome to Day 6, the penultimate stop of the Broken Ties blog tour. I’m off to Lifesfinewhine for a Q&A with Pooja Gudka.

I answered some insightful questions about why I wrote the book and why you should get it. And for a little extra, Pooja left a short review.

Broken Ties By Jude Itakali If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you must know Jude Itakali. I’ve reviewed multiple books of his and collaborated on a number of posts with him. Through blogging, we were able to build a friendship. And I was honoured when he asked me to share my thoughts […]

Broken Ties By Jude Itakali Review

Don’t forget to leave a comment on each stop of the tour for a chance to win free copies of the book.

To catch up with the tour:

Cheers for sticking with the tour. I really appreciate it. Catch you at Pooja’s

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Broken Ties #blogtour Day 5

Hey everyone, it’s day 5 of the blog tour and I’m off at Elizabeth Gauffreau’s with my first ever, very nerve-racking, publicized reading.

Go on over and have a read, or a chuckle. I’ll get better at reading now that I’ve broken that first-step barrier.

Global Amazon Link to Pre-order WELCOME TO THE BROKEN TIES BLOG TOUR! I’m delighted to host Jude Itakali on his blog tour for his new release Bitter Ties, the second book in the Realms of the Mist trilogy. (You can find my review of Realms of the Mist here.) My answer to Jude’s question of […]

Broken Ties #blogtour

Don’t forget to leave a comment on each stop of the tour for a chance to win free copies of the book.

To catch up with the tour:

Two more days of the tour to go. See you at Liz’s blog.

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D.L Finn: “Broken Ties” by Jude Itakali blog tour Day 3.

Hey everyone, today I’m at author D.L Finn’s blog, talking magic. Watch out for some fun facts and an exclusive look into the magic system of the story. You won’t want to miss this.

Denise also wrote a review which has me grinning ear to ear. Go on over and follow the link below.

I want to welcome Jude Itakali here today to celebrate his upcoming release, “BROKEN TIES: Book 2 Realms of the Mist.” It is available for pre-order, and my review is below. BLURB Kamau, Ninuwe and Kena, are bound by the trials of their recent past, and forced onto a dark and magical quest through the […]

Pre-Order: “Broken Ties” by Jude Itakali @JItakali #writingcommunity #preorder #readersoftwitter #whattoread

Don’t forget to leave a comment on each stop of the tour for a chance to win free copies of the book.

To catch up:

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The Saturday Symphony #38 April Apathy

Jambo everyone,
The 38th edition of The Saturday Symphony welcomes you to an April of Appreciation.

This is the last post before I go on tour with my latest novel, Broken Ties (Book 2 Realms of the Mist).

BlogTour schedule HERE.
I’ll be sharing the links. You can expect reviews, excerpts, Q&As, exclusives and giveaways if you follow me through the comments on the seven-blog tour.

Alright, on to the Symphony.

A heartbeat in the dark
Astride my own

Subconscious attuned
To a lost rhythm

Nights we lay so close
Sating need
with dirty deeds

Yet I linger in the wreckage of our dreaming
No compass to point north
No map through loss
What will I create
In the colors of night

This April, we seek some insight into apathy. Webster defines apathy as the trait of lacking enthusiasm for, or interest in things generally.

Ishaisms’ tanka poem is a brilliant insight into how we can so easily misunderstand somebody’s outer demeanor for apathy.

I also highly recommend this gorgeously written symetrelle from David.

Those words scraped in my mind
What was it about 'You can't'
That made me want To do!
The thrill of risk
To prove I'm not who I am
Who I hate and yet should not!

So I laced my marrow in new fibre
And my bones ached from the change
For little I knew
Of the dark side

Shared lessons

I picked this little piece of wisdom from Sadje’s Keep it alive: “Some questions make us question our own beliefs
While some questions just make us want to beat our heads on the wall
Yet asking questions is necessary to gain insights
Without asking questions, how will we know?

Book Candy Collage

Featured on my blog this month.

In case you’re looking for more mystery, thriller and fantasy reads, I recommend Tessa’s great bulletpoint reviews.

For some people, the mask of apathy is used to cage their darker proclivities. There is no rule that everyone should be open and share what’s inside. But even those who seem apathetic, have ways they express themselves. Gentler subtle ways, or perhaps sinister and dark. I wrote these gothic haiku for the #Gothiku hashtag

Joy's evanescence
won't you stay but a little
Yesterday haunts me

when night clouds the eye
rotten things fester unseen
what daylight reveals

my decaying love
don't flowers bloom in the mulch
seeds of a soulmate

willowed drapes
lure the fragrant breeze
Sad summons

Ponderous thought prompt.

For the month of May, do some research, or draw from experience, a way in which you’ve got someone who is seemingly apathetic, to open up.

You can use art, images and any form of writing. Pingback here by pasting this post’s link in your own post, and I’ll visit and feature your works in next month’s Symphony.

Featured submissions from last month’s prompt

Again and again, the marvel of the flexibility of human nature makes me admire its tenacity more and more.
The ability inherent in all human beings
The capacity to adapt, to make do with
What we get instead of what we desire…

Continued on Keep It Alive

wedded to April
spring clings to your heart and soul
listen carefully
silent is the dew
yet distinct the…

Continued on Moonwashed musings

I see a pattern of the seas,
prancing and prancing,
cherubic as they can be,
and yet stoic when need be.

I see a pattern of the seas,
impatient and energetic…

Continued on Kitty’s verses.

These were exquisite. Thank you to all those who submitted.

Raised by virtuous innuendos
He's taunted by a star's promiscuous winks
and the dyslexic beam of a lustful moon
The aphrodisiac of possibility stirs his unfettered spirits
An awakening happens in his virgin mind
A precursor to pleasures once denied

Sadly we come to the end of the April edition. I hope you enjoyed it. I shared some of the poetry from my Twitter in the month of April. Be sure to follow the wonderful featured links.

Mystique embraces midnight's velveteen forest
You trail whiffs of new desire
A fresh start
Your brittle roots yearn for moistened umber soils
For a triple-threat love
A paramour whose flames lick at your snowing heart
Thaw your icy mind
And ignite your dampened soul


See you on the blog tour starting 26th April.

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A bath and a haiku.

Hey everyone,
I have some fun for us today.

Can you pair your favorite bath with its corresponding haiku?

Let me know in the comments, for example, Haiku 1 – bath 3. There is technically no wrong answer, as haiku can convey different meanings to each of us.


sly warmless glimmer
of Sunset goading dreamers
herald of the frost
paint is a mirror
what we see beneath what is
the nature of art
a camouflaged life 
blend with the ordinary
until you flower
echoes of lost time
curved in lofty buttresses
their voices whisper


All images from Pinterest

Book Candy Corner

Unlike Michelle’s previous books that talk so much about love in its glorious ways, this book is about the reality that living and loving are not at all roses. For the first time, she writes about grief and death and how we can heal from experiences that constantly weigh us down so we can move forward.

Amazon link

A reminder that the April edition of the Saturday symphony is this Saturday 22nd. Send in your submissions for last month’s prompt, nd get featured this April. Simply add this link in your post and I will find you.


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Forever #poetry and Blogtour schedule


The undying wish
Beyond mind’s mortality
Unscratchable itch
When the inner child creates
In words, code, or deed
They seek companionship
That, which never leaves
Theirs to claim, at beck and call
For though they may not know it
It is forever
That they make from love


Happy birthday to Colleen. I wrote the choka syllabic poem above for her and hers. As well as tankatuesday. She is my book-cover designer but she does much more than that and I appreciate her so much.

Also For Reena’s xploration challenge and Sadje’s whatdoyousee

Hot New! Blog tour Schedule

In case you missed it, I did a cover and blurb reveal in my last post HERE.

Broken Ties, the 2nd book in my debut fantasy trilogy, Realms of the Mist, will be live on May 17th 2023. So we’re going on tour soon, and I invite you all to come with us.

Available for Pre-order

Look forward to giveaways, exclusive author thoughts, unseen excerpts, reviews and chats on various topics. I’ll put up reminders in my normal posts so you don’t miss anything.


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Brand New Cover and blurb reveal.

Hey Everyone,

BOOK 2 IS Finally HERE!!

The promo campaign kicks off today with cover and blurb. Drumrolls….

Cover design by Colleen Chesebro

Kamau, Ninuwe and Kena, are bound by the trials of their recent past, and forced onto a dark and magical quest through the Gifted realms of Africa. They must assemble the God-killer, an ancient weapon that can destroy the Evil One. The problem is; the Evil One has irreversibly merged with Kamau’s once closest and only friend, Irina.

War is brewing. Monsters are slipping into the greater human world. Gods are toying with them. The mission demands sacrifices that seem too costly to pay, and yet they must still navigate a desperate love triangle, and allies who blur with enemies

Will Kamau and his friends find the strength to do whatever it takes?

Broken Ties is now available for pre-order on Amazon. You can take advantage of the special discount anytime before release date on 17th May.

I can’t believe I’m here.

Book 1 is now available for a limited time on Kindle Unlimited (see what I did there) at an all-time low price.

You can find the Book1 reviews on Goodreads HERE.

Watch out for the blog tour schedule on 17th April. (Loads of treats and exclusive content planned)

Tall Tales Corner

Zen was her secret
She tucked it away in hidden pockets
Out of reach of those who'd deplete it.
In times of distress, she pinched a little happiness for herself
But slowly, even she, would drain her own hallowed reserves
For the most precious things, grow with freedom
Not as secrets...

See y’all on Monday for the blogtour schedule. You won’t want to miss that.


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Deeper natures. #shadorma sequence #poetry

Claims in its bosom
The willful
The untamed
Dyslexic hearts that roam
Slaves to the unknown
When the eyes deceive
Our minds become visceral
Logic fails
Plots set sail
We see beyond mist
Hidden truths

On the eve
Of past afflictions
Scars sting raw
Souls go numb
The mirrors on our walls speak
Of beauty unseen
In castles of fear
We imagine dark dragons
But the child
with a seed
Dares to discover
Grapes of spring

Book Candy Corner

In this fast-paced psychological thriller, Lisa and her brother embark on a quest to solve the mystery of their father’s murder. The journey takes them into a secret world where nothing is as it seems. Once the puzzle pieces begin to coalesce, they realize that their father had multiple lives. As the facts unravel, the siblings discover the true meaning of Redemption: Redemption by Gwen M Plano.

Colleen #tankatuesday, challenged us to write a shadorma series with a twist.
I wrote four shadorma and my little twist is that I joined them in inverted pairs.
It is all one poem though, so I hope you enjoy.

The shadorma has a 3-5-3-3-7-5 syllable structure.