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The Spice of Life. Poetry and updates

Hey everyone,
I’m bursting with good news. I finally dispatched the beta copies of Book2 in the Realms of the Mist trilogy. (Title and cover coming very soon).

My eyes welled up as I glossed those famous last words in an intricate font: “The End.”
Guys, I don’t know how to describe the happiness and accomplishment I felt. I whooped and jumped and gave my laptop a giant KISS.

Now I can wait for Beta feedback as I concentrate on the promo campaign. I can catch up with courework which I’m sure I’ll ace. Trust me, there’s no coursework that can compare to even writing one chapter of a book.

All that’s left after the Beta feedback is a final copy-edit for the little bits that escaped my own personal edit. I would have been practically alone in my author dream but for a number of remarkable people from the wordpress community, who have given me invaluable guidance and encouragement. THANK YOU. It only gets better from here.

Okay, enough about me. Here’s some poetry for you.

Rising or setting
The bliss is the same
Between then and next
It’s the now we cherish
So here in this moment
Nothing is truer
Than this love

The world may change us. Misplaced deeds or words may incubate hate. Thank God our love is bound in nostalgia. #TWT

Tall Tales Corner

Between forsaken lines
dwell cocktails of musings
He writes a heart that stings
The spice of life

Of cinammon romance
And currie betrayals
Black pepper portrayals
Balance in life

In the bachelor's kitchen
variety is scarce
but potency is terse
Just - what - matters

Hope you enjoy.

I feel I should apologise for always joining prompts but I post once or twice a week and I have so many favourites.

The first poem is for both Eugi’s moonwashed weekly prompt and Sadje’s #Whatdoyousee
In bold, is an accompanying twenty word story for Bookish bubble’s TWT
The Tall Tales Corner is for Colleen’s #tankatuesday where she asked us to use spices in our kitchens to write about recent events in our lives. Since I’ve been submerged in editing, it’s a cocktail of mental events, but I did use the spices in my kitchen to portray some of that in the three Abhanga poems.


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Cooking and Poetry. Around the world in a day of meals

Hello everyone. Five members of our wordpress community contributed to this. I hope you enjoy it.

There are countless things we can tell a dear one
Things that guide and things that
Those that admonish or those that praise
But at any given time, anything we say can be misunderstood
Encouragement taken for being nosy
Care misconstrued as judgement
and reprimands misinterpreted as hatred

In times of such confusion I start in one place
With one universal language
A meal prepared
A meal shared

I have heard of breakfast’s supreme importance
but I also know of early morning’s rush
So I turn to Michaela
and listen as she speaks of Filipinos and hearty breakfasts
An early meal fairly easy to make and yet so filling
She mentions an aroma that wakes the senses
And a wholesomeness that fuels one all day long

It is of Longsilong that she speaks
beyond resistance
Eaten with gusto
Breakfast in the Phiillipines

Longanisa- the Spanish sausage
Sinangag- garlic rice
Itlog- sunnyside eggs
A cup of coffee alongside, and it’s a perfect beginning

Longsilong breakfast by Michaela

But if I woke in the thralls of lateness
If morning was a humdinger with no time to spare
then I’d turn to Pooja, who with a cheeky smile, holds the solution for busy days;
It is like a whisper from across the Atlantic
A delicious secret shared
And I smile with mischief at this vegan Canadian indulgence

This brunch is a paramour to sullen tastebuds
Of waffles and syrup
Of vegan whipped cream toppings
with fruit and marshmallow delights
An explosion of flavour
A reward for breakfasts foregone.

vegan waffle Brunch by Pooja

But life should not be all about work
There is pleasure and there are holidays
A time to explore and sift through the wonders of a well prepared meal
the peak-of-day;
Lunch time.
I look to Jane. For on such days, lunch finds me in a ravenous state.
Amidst the Gudi Padwa festival in India, and with great pride, Jane flounces the tantalising prospect of a Goa-state delicacy
She utters jealousy-inducing words of a consummate dish, beautiful in its complexity
She tells of Goan Fish Thali

Of Palu perch fish and spicy pasted curry
A curry ground with grated coconut, cumin seeds, dry red chillies, turmeric, coriander, garlic cloves and ginger
Add water to loosen the paste, mix with green chillies and a half cup of tamarind water
The cleaned and cut Palu is then added to simmer till fully cooked

Already slavering, I am beside myself in anticipation when Jane mentions the next part of this meal

She speaks of Pea Masala and Steamed cottage vegetables
Of Perch fish Rawa fry– where fish is marinated in assorted spices, sizzled in the shallow pan-fry fashion while applying Rawa(suji)

Unbeknownst to me there are more wonders to this meal
And I wait, knowing my patience will be met with extravagant reward

Part three entails Kokum Khadi-
Of water, kokum, garlic cloves, green chillies, a pinch of sugar and salt, and finally a sprinkle of cilantro on top

The last step to this meal is a most intriguing one
Carrot Halwa
Ahh, can you imagine a more perfect blend of ingredients
To make this Halwa, you will need ghee, grated carrot, milk, sugar, chopped dry fruit; all garnished with cashews, almonds and pistachio.
At last we can serve; with boiled rice and Papad(ready made)

Enough said, time to dig in

Goan fish Thali by Jane

A journey of a meal
To fuel the journey to my next destination
A long trip South, across the Indian ocean

Stuffed and feeling spicy, this journey goes by in a flash
but nevertheless, I reach my destination in fine but famished spirits
Please do not judge me, for I’m drawn by a most mysterious and welcoming dinner
All the way to the cape of Southern Africa
where Chris stews a tale of chicken
The Cape Malay chicken curry

Wealthy with the positive side of the rainbow-nation’s divisive history, this meal unites all in South Africa. And I personally, almost find it blasphemous not to drool at the thought of a meal made by Chris

Fat garlic cloves(crushed), ginger root(finely chopped), aubergine(bite-sized chunks), red pepper(thickly sliced), Dhaniya(chopped fresh coriander), and assorted spices.

Large chicken fillets cut into bite-sized pieces, a tablespoon of Cape Malay curry powder, small halved potatoes and we are ready to get cooking.

You will need a heavy large saucepan with a lid,
fry the onions in a little canola oil, add potatoes and spice powders
stir to combine, then add the garlic and ginger. Cook for a few minutes
Add chicken, and stir to coat in the spice mixture. Cook for 10 more minutes
Finally add red peppers and aubergine, pour hot water till halfway the pan, and cook until vegetables are ready
Keep adding hot water so that dish does not dry out.
When all is ready, stir in coriander leaves.

This can be served with brown basmati, flat bread or naan, plus a favourite pickle/chutney.

Cape Malay Chicken curry dinner by Chris

You might think that by the end of Chris’ sumptuous dinner, my stomach is working overtime.
But I am Ugandan, and three large meals with a smaller one in between is how I was raised(thank God our local meals back then were mostly steamed rarely fatty).
I drag my cape chicken-malay-filled belly, for I have one more trip to make;
Up North to the Island of Great Britain
For Robbie’s unquestionable dessert awaits.

A long post this has been
and a sweet ending it deserves-

Multi-coloured chocolate balls
Beyond delicious and a big hit with guests
But I am not just a guest
Today I am an explorer

More than happy to oblige my curiosity, Robbie spills some secrets
Dessert is an art that demands precision so I will try and be thorough;

Ingredients: 60 grams butter, 125 ml milk, 125 ml double cream (the cream must be thick, if you can’t find double cream then whip the cream), 125 ml white sugar, 125 ml cocoa powder, 150 grams milk chocolate broken into small pieces, 210 grams plain digestive biscuits (or any other rich tea biscuit), 250 ml coloured sprinkles.

Method: Put the tea biscuits in a plastic bag and use a heavy rolling pin to crush them. In a saucepan on the stove, heat the butter, milk, double cream, and sugar until the butter has melted and the sugar is dissolved. Mix in the cocoa powder and bring to the boil. Remove the pot from the heat and add the chocolate. Allow it to melt slowly into the mixture, stirring from time to time. When the chocolate is completely melted, mix in the crushed biscuits.

These rich and decadent chocolate treats are perfect for high holidays, so wink wink for this coming Easter.
Fun to make, and loved by all.
Robbie further shares of a delicious alternative;
you can use almond flour instead of cocoa, which gives the balls a delicious fudgy floavour

Multicoloured chocolate balls dessert by Robbie

Ahh, I sigh in content
Around the world in a day of meals.
Not much more I’m able to say
I will retire to bed with a book;
Perhaps A Ghost and his Gold by Robbie Chaedle
Or Spirit of the Shell man by Chris Hall
And if I’m too exhausted, I might peruse Maria Michaela’s short but impactful poetry
And if I feel a little lonely, Jane Aguiar writes deep, relatable and cajoling romance
Or I might fiddle through Pooja’s lifesfinewhine for awesome lifestyle tips and addictive six word stories.

  • laced together by judeitakali, Compiled from;-
  • Maria Michaela – Breakfast
  • Pooja Gudka -Brunch
  • Jane Aguiar- Lunch
  • Chris Hall- Dinner
  • Robbie Cheadle – Dessert

Hope you enjoy this. Feel free to follow the links to these awesome members of the wordpress community.

I really enjoy exercising my creativity on this cooking and poetry feature. Read some of the others HERE

My debut novel on Lulu- HERE
Stay safe everyone, Stay loving

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Cooking and Poetry. ‘Book teaser’ and local delicacies.

Be it born to darkness and sacrifice
Or be it raised amidst love and hope
Those who dwell under light and freedom
Or those shackled to ways preordained
The cruelest curses stem from our greatest blessings
And yet some are cursed, so that others may be blessed.

Teaser poem about my upcoming novel. Not long now.

I hope that soon you will all walk, love, run and creep, along the thin line between blessing and curse, in my upcoming contemporary(portal to be more specific) fantasy saga.

Disclaimer: Feel free to skip to the bottom if you are culturally or religiously disinclined to pork or beef. No offense intended.

For you, my curse; I make this meal
Dough – that I may pound out grievance
Salt – that all my words may sting
Onions – tears of release
Oil – to smoothe grudges
No milk, no eggs
Bribe and

Once, I met a girl who fell pregnant and thought her child was a curse. Who was forced to grow up quicker than any of her friends.
But oh how her curse turned to blessing!

Loved much more
Mild Seasoning
Lets the flavours soak
Grill with a monk’s patience
And watch through that looking glass
The veggies will come near the end.
For you, my blessing; tastes of balance

Grilled pork

There is a delicacy in Uganda; Of cow hooves and long waits
A four hour boil for this delicious delight
And for one who takes the time to make this meal,
they make it with greatest love and virtue

Molokoni – cow hooves

No spice but salt and maybe curry
All else are natural ingredients;
Onions, peppers, tomatoes and garlics(best to use only three of choice)
Then leave to a boil, adding water as the hours ebb by.
For you both; my curse, and my blessing,
I make ‘molokoni
A dish of healing.

There is a boy who had a simple dream; to be the best librarian he could be.
To work and live amongst books
But gig after gig, he was told, ‘Women only!’
And blessed to be male in a man’s world, the boy now felt it a curse.

My healthy plate.

© judeitakali

I hope you enjoy this. Yes, I cooked that entire meal on my own, but don’t be alarmed, I didn’t eat everything alone.

It’s been a busy six months since I last wrote something for my Cooking And Poetry feature. Click the link to see previous posts. I hope to resume this feature on a monthly basis.

I included a couple of nonets(the shaped poetry with 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 syllable count) for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday. Nonets are perfect for the passage of time, and in this case, the cooking process.

To read a fuller update on how I’ve progressed through the novel-writing process, and about a few other wonderful authors, check out Chris Hall’s Launchpad roundup.

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

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Cooking and Poetry. Reconciliation.

There was a time admission was defeat
When to be wrong, was to show weakness
One by one, friends and lovers left
Until; Alone; I perceived
That the problem was me
How could I say sorry?
How would I change?

She’d told me;
If I saw the error of my ways,
She’d always be waiting,
Always come back.

They’d said
“We cannot get along if you never open up your mind,
If you’re not willing to listen,
To accept that you do not know all!”

So I glazed honey on a set of half-fried ribs
Sprinkled them with a light powdered chilly
And let them simmer in salty olive oil
Inviting all the dear ones I’d pushed away

Then I fluffed some chicken breasts
Lined a set of thighs
Drenched them in egg whites
And doused them in flour with spice
Drizzling down breadcrumbs
And deep-frying to a rich golden brown
Thinking of how conceited I once was

All the while, I’d had green peas on a soft boil
Leafy spinach steaming in a garlic and ginger spiced water
And a sliced fresh veggie-bouquet of ‘sukuma wiki’ –
Sizzling with onions and peppers in a pan
I sprinkled salt and spice on the spinach
Sliced a bunch of avocados, tomatoes and onions
And finally dusted two tall bottles of soft sweet red
A symbol of a terse nature that was sweetening

Three friends who’d held me most dear came
The girl who would always be waiting was no longer single-
Yet still she came
I added a bowl of mashed potatoes to the chicken, ribs, and salad
And we dug in.

With stomachs plied
And throats irrigated
I told them I was wrong
That I’d try.
They teased me, saying it was not possible
I said with their help, of course it was
And they all smiled
Knowing that something had truly changed.

It often takes a little giving to get alot from the people who truly love us, but we can’t always simply receive and never give.

© judeitakali.

Hope you enjoy this. I haven’t updated the Cooking and Poetry feature on my site in a while. Marketing and promoting my book has taken up a fair chunk of my blog but I’m getting up to speed now.

Please go on and check out the landing page for my newly released book to know more about it;

CROSSROADS (Winds of love)

You might find something you’ll like there. Be sure to like/share/comment.


Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

I didn’t cook this but I’m prepping a replica for the weekend.

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Cooking and poetry. Movie night and haiku chills.

The crescent moon gleams
Holding secrets of the night
Mischief’s time to reign

A late night meal
Homemade to ward the shivers away
Until the haunting begins..

The scene was set;
Large screen
Kitchen attached to living room
Veggies diced and sliced
And Becca right next to me,
Swinging her gorgeous legs from the kitchen island
A night for two
With a lurking threat;
Of the beyond!

Cold billowing winds
Wailing with longing, Jealous
Of lovers within


I scoop two fresh avocados into a bowl
Then add diced onions and tomatoes
Garlic and jalapenos
Grind and mix
Sprinkle some lemon
Then salt to taste
And viola

As potato chips fry, plain and simple
Becca presses play
And a Mexican haunting begins
A movie that many suggested
“La Llorona”
The widowed dread who killed her boy and girl
And now seeks to replace them

Whispers in the house
Creaking doors and clanking pipes
Warnings we all ignore

Onion rings

I get two large onions
Slice them horizontally into quarter inch rings
Then mix all-purpose and baking flour-
With eggs, milk and salt
And put fresh bread crumbs on a saucer besides
Becca’s favourite

I dip the rings in the flour-egg mixture
And give them a minute to stop dripping
While the backstory on screen plays out
Building empathy for characters soon to be haunted
I then douse the soaked rings in bread crumbs
And shake to make sure nothing is loose
But then Becca gasps!
And I look to see
Grotesque limbs caressing a little girl’s hair
And we both freeze with anxiety

Cry of the rooster
A bad omen in the night
Something is afoot

Lurking fries

It takes but two minutes for the rings to turn a rich light brown
And now, all is ready
A basket of fries
A dish of guacamole
And a bowl of onion rings
A movie night meal, made for tension

La Llorona on screen

As we get cozy
A shadow creeps into the now vacant kitchen
Backs to it, we are blissfully unaware
A big mistake!

Shadows in the night
Creeping here, stalkling there
Watching! Sentient!

As terror peaks inside
The weather starts to roar outside
And a feline shrieks in the movie
The meal is just right
I followed each subtle tip
All natural ingredients
Less juicy tomatoes so the ‘guac’ is not runny.
Half boiled chips in salted water before frying
And a number of smaller side dips with all my favourites;
Ketchup, chilli sauce, salt and pepper
And mayonnaise just in case
In the movie,
A priest with a renegade attitude adds a hero to the horror
But the tension is gripping
And all seems perfect
Then the power blows!
And the lights go out!

Seeker of horror
Be careful what you wish for
It just might find you!

I try to be brave
While Becca trembles besides
A snarl slices dread through the night
It comes from a corner, in here with us!
Then I feel a scrape on my neck
And jolt up, kicking our spread asunder
Becca belts a bloodcurdling scream
And all I can think of is;
“La Llorona!”
Come for a boy and a girl

Dark complicit clouds
Stars and moon must not reveal
The prowl of the dead

The lights come on
And lo and behold
It’s Pawla my kitty, prowling the sofa
We laugh in utter relief
The floor is cluttered with dishes
But no food in sight
For we’d gobbled it all;
On this delicious horror night.

© judeitakali

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy this month’s Cooking and Poetry post,
Guacamole, fries, and onion rings.
I really want to know what you think.

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If you missed yesterday’s Villanelle, check it out here;
Too much love

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

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Cooking and Poetry. A Moment of bliss (Valentine special)

True bliss happens in a moment of time
Frames or scenes we can never forget
A taste, a touch, or a fragrance
Sought and found, but never bound
How deep must we all delve
How high must we climb
To find the joys
And pleasures
Of that

Wielder of my heart
On a day when bliss is close
Be my Valentine

For love;
A meal for two
Glazed in sultry romance
Tender with a subtle surprise

On this day;
Something rich but cultured
Fun but thoughtful
Flexible yet neat
“Honey glazed lamb and sweet potato chips”

Sweet potato chips and Thai basil

Sweet Tatoes
Soaked for half an hour
Towel dried
Creamed in spice
Pepper, Paprika, Garlic
Loved at every stage

Baked for 20mins, then laced with fresh Thai basil, or a favourite green veggie.
Fun and crispy yet tender and soft within

Honey glazed goat/lamb chops

Fresh lamb chops
Drizzled with garlic
Honey glazed
Salt peppered
A Soy sauce and chicken stock,
All broiled in passion

Lamb is Fried with garlic(5mins), then glazed and peppered, and finally simmered in the stock and soy for 20mins.
In each bite, is a tingle of ecstasy.

The scents of my love
The succulence of desire
Tastes of potential

If I may,
I beg to add a tip
Less is more while spicing
But more sides, means more fun

For long term lovers
Fresh hot peppers will add an extra thrill
For first time Valentines
A sweet chilli brings a kinky vibe
And for us all; share a dipping sauce for a sensual tinge

Softness of twilight
A stage set for a moment
For a touch of love
Where comfort and effort meet
Dwells the edge of bliss

© judeitakali
Please read on…

Oh mehn! Getting all these poetry forms and prompts into this one piece was quite the ride.

From top to bottom, these are the syllabic poems written in bold italics;

  • Etheree
  • Senryu(haiku)
  • Cinquain
  • Shadorma
  • Shadorma
  • Senryu(haiku)
  • Goghyoka
  • Tanka

I wrote this for the following prompts, as well as my own Cooking and Poetry feature;

  1. Sue Vincent’s writephoto prompt – Deeper.
  2. Eugi’s weekly prompt – Romance.
  3. Reena’s exploration challenge – components of time
  4. Colleen’s weekly syllabic challenge – synonyms for loose and tight.

I do hope you enjoy this; A small valentine’s gift for you.

To know more about the syllabic poems in bold, visit Colleen’s amazing site HERE

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Stay safe everyone, stay loving.

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Cooking and Poetry. Barbecue delights

There is something about cooking in the wild,
Lighting a handsome grill,
Ferrying buckets of marinated treats,
Anticipating the taste of mystery,
Searching for the flavour of danger,
The succulence of adventure,
And the spice of possibility…

Beneath the watching stars
Underneath the looming trees
I lay my barbecue canvas
And look at you then wonder,
What is your barbecue delight?

As a lone wolf howls beyond the reserve
I grease a stack of ribs upon the grill
Perfect, with a sprinkled chilli salt
And a large sweaty pint of beer
A guarantee of satisfaction.

Ribs and a pint

As the night owl hoots amongst the trees
I splay a juicy salmon on the flames
Parsley and lemon do the trick
But add a whisky on the rocks,
And enjoy the pheromone romance.

Salmon and whisky

While a cricket creaks and the bullfrog croaks
I spring a last surprise
Grilled veggies and freekeh
A worthy vegan rival.
If I add a sparkling glass of red or white,
Then will we catch, the true beauty of the stars,
And dance this night away…

Veggies and wine

How I love the hiss of sprinkled water seething in the flames
The fragrant clouds of smoke that tease the senses
The subtle streaks of char enriching the flavour
And the sounds of night, bringing excitement.
Won’t you tell me now,
What is your barbecue delight?

© judeitakali

Hey guys, hope you enjoy this Cooking and poetry post.
I got great feedback on the last one;  Flavours of the soul

What is your favourite barbecue combo(plus drink) and with whom?
Let me know in the comments section,
And also let me know what you think of this latest food and poetry combination.

Stay safe everyone,
Stay loving.

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Traps of Tradition

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Cooking and Poetry. Flavours of the Soul (A Sonnet)

We are so diverse and capable of anything.
If you could pick a flavour to describe you,
What would it be?

Fortunes steam in this mystic kitchenette
Come and stir, and let its cauldron divine
Sweet with joy, oh what pastries you’ll create!
Or terse with truth, the tonics you’ll consign.

You might be spicy; hot and thrilling
Close your eyes, pinky-ponk your recipe
Maybe you are salad, fresh and enriching
Or just plain old you, free as a hippie

Chicken is where the heart often resides
Will you have it dry; grilled or stirfry,
Ready to work with any kind of side,
Or saucy and reserved, yet filled with surprise

Oh mystic kitchenette! Tell me who I am
What flavour brings my soul; peace and calm

I’m sooo craving this Korean spread.

Too sweet to stomach? A little lime will do.

Too sour and terse? Then sweet red wine for two.

If you fear my green is raw, vinegar will take away the worry.

If I come too hot and spicy, then squeeze some lemon on that curry.

Discovering oneself takes a lifetime.

But life is what happens in between.

© judeitakali

We all know cooking and feasting is a huge part of the festive season.

I couldn’t do it all justice, with only one recipe, so I decided to think a little out of the box, with this Cooking and Poetry post.

Hope you enjoy.

Let me know what thoughts it incites.

I’m here throughout this Christmas week, so I won’t wish you a merry Christmas just yet.

For now, Stay safe, and stay loving.

Eyeing my favourite flavours like…
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Cooking and Poetry. Apple of my eye.

An apple a day
And two for you and I
Let me make you something special
A simple dish
Of intricate emotions

Honey poached apples and yoghurt romance

Photo credit below

As I peel and slice the apples in half,
I think of our laced fingers
And the tingle of two parts longing to be reunited.
Fondly, I place these slices side by side, And drizzle a little lemon on top.

Two cups of water
A third of honey
One of lemon juice
And a half vanilla bean

I boil these all in a sturdy pan,
Then stir until the honey dissolves,
savouring the sweetness caressed in your whispers.

At low heat, I submerge the slices of apple in the honeyed sauce,
And let it simmer,
As I reminisce upon our first meeting, and how eager we were to embrace each other.

I make sure to flip the apples between the twenty minute time,
And ensure a two sided love

When apples are tender,
I drench them out and put them aside,
Then let everything cool, to a soothing room temperature.
The ideal state of love.

For thirty minutes I allow myself to dream,
Of the mischief in your eyes, as the flavours fizzle perfectly upon your tongue,
Or the crinkle of your smile, if I got the dish all wrong

I then mix three tablespoons of the honeyed sauce, in a smooth Greek yoghurt
And ooze it onto your favourite saucer.
I slip the tender apples onto the viscous cream,
And drizzle a little on top.

I can’t help but reminisce,
Of the wine scented kisses and interlocking limbs from past nights of ecstasy,
Featherlight drifts to the echelons of insatiable desire.

I hear you ask what’s taking so long,
But first, I sprinkle bits of toasted sesame on top.
A dazzle of seasoning,
And a dash of spice,
To send us over the edge,

In this, our creamy apple delight.

Photo by my friend Kevin

© judeitakali

You can find the full recipe HERE

In these photos it looks a little different because we picked subtle hints from different recipes. But the majority (especially timing) is from the link above.

Kevin takes amazing food photos and explores delectable recipes. I’m glad to link up with him on some of them. Find him on Instagram @Kev1s_

I hope you enjoy this 3rd episode of cooking with poetry. The next will be in two weeks time. Try this dish, it’s amazing!

For previous episodes, click the links below;

Stay safe, and stay loving.

P.S Watch out for The Saturday Symphony tomorrow.

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