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Love debate #collaboration #poetry #prose

There is a difference between having love, and being loved
Each one is a blessing, each one a curse
At its core love is pure
It takes all and makes it work

And yet the deepest hate comes from loving
And the greatest aches from being loved
We are blessed for a moment, to be cursed for eternity
For at its core, love is simply pain
It takes all and leaves us bare

You cannot measure love with scales
You feel it in every thought
and it sings in every word and verse
You cannot have a claim on true love
Yet it comes to those who acknowledge its imperfections

Long have I pondered love’s imperfections
Cancers to my soul
For love teaches by breaking
While it withers all trust


Pure love fills life with colour
And now, you be a lover
Painting love with different shades
And so, never to use a remover

Yet darkness holds love’s perfection
and light reveals its gore
Must one feel
Or must one see…

I’ve loved in numberless forms, numberless times
And now, in life and the afterlife, I’m the prover
For as rain mingles with the river
And the river with the ocean
So too the winds of love blow forever

Alas I’ve learnt to thrive in this state of love-drought
for its rains have long betrayed me
I flee love’s coming like thunder in the distance
For the winds of love have brought me only destruction

Fine Art America

Love is the scent of flowers in a path of thorns
It must be nurtured, It must have its due

Love is the rumble of pain upon drums of celebration
It must be feared, it must be fled

For love‘s greatest teaching-
Is happiness-
from compromise

©judeitakali and Jane Aguiar

Hey everyone. Hope you enjoy this dance of thoughts between Jane Aguiar and I. I must stress that we both had positives and negatives on love but for this collab, we each had to pick a side.

Jane wrote in light-italics while I did the bold.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Stay safe everyone, stay loving.

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Cooking and Poetry. Around the world in a day of meals

Hello everyone. Five members of our wordpress community contributed to this. I hope you enjoy it.

There are countless things we can tell a dear one
Things that guide and things that
Those that admonish or those that praise
But at any given time, anything we say can be misunderstood
Encouragement taken for being nosy
Care misconstrued as judgement
and reprimands misinterpreted as hatred

In times of such confusion I start in one place
With one universal language
A meal prepared
A meal shared

I have heard of breakfast’s supreme importance
but I also know of early morning’s rush
So I turn to Michaela
and listen as she speaks of Filipinos and hearty breakfasts
An early meal fairly easy to make and yet so filling
She mentions an aroma that wakes the senses
And a wholesomeness that fuels one all day long

It is of Longsilong that she speaks
beyond resistance
Eaten with gusto
Breakfast in the Phiillipines

Longanisa- the Spanish sausage
Sinangag- garlic rice
Itlog- sunnyside eggs
A cup of coffee alongside, and it’s a perfect beginning

Longsilong breakfast by Michaela

But if I woke in the thralls of lateness
If morning was a humdinger with no time to spare
then I’d turn to Pooja, who with a cheeky smile, holds the solution for busy days;
It is like a whisper from across the Atlantic
A delicious secret shared
And I smile with mischief at this vegan Canadian indulgence

This brunch is a paramour to sullen tastebuds
Of waffles and syrup
Of vegan whipped cream toppings
with fruit and marshmallow delights
An explosion of flavour
A reward for breakfasts foregone.

vegan waffle Brunch by Pooja

But life should not be all about work
There is pleasure and there are holidays
A time to explore and sift through the wonders of a well prepared meal
the peak-of-day;
Lunch time.
I look to Jane. For on such days, lunch finds me in a ravenous state.
Amidst the Gudi Padwa festival in India, and with great pride, Jane flounces the tantalising prospect of a Goa-state delicacy
She utters jealousy-inducing words of a consummate dish, beautiful in its complexity
She tells of Goan Fish Thali

Of Palu perch fish and spicy pasted curry
A curry ground with grated coconut, cumin seeds, dry red chillies, turmeric, coriander, garlic cloves and ginger
Add water to loosen the paste, mix with green chillies and a half cup of tamarind water
The cleaned and cut Palu is then added to simmer till fully cooked

Already slavering, I am beside myself in anticipation when Jane mentions the next part of this meal

She speaks of Pea Masala and Steamed cottage vegetables
Of Perch fish Rawa fry– where fish is marinated in assorted spices, sizzled in the shallow pan-fry fashion while applying Rawa(suji)

Unbeknownst to me there are more wonders to this meal
And I wait, knowing my patience will be met with extravagant reward

Part three entails Kokum Khadi-
Of water, kokum, garlic cloves, green chillies, a pinch of sugar and salt, and finally a sprinkle of cilantro on top

The last step to this meal is a most intriguing one
Carrot Halwa
Ahh, can you imagine a more perfect blend of ingredients
To make this Halwa, you will need ghee, grated carrot, milk, sugar, chopped dry fruit; all garnished with cashews, almonds and pistachio.
At last we can serve; with boiled rice and Papad(ready made)

Enough said, time to dig in

Goan fish Thali by Jane

A journey of a meal
To fuel the journey to my next destination
A long trip South, across the Indian ocean

Stuffed and feeling spicy, this journey goes by in a flash
but nevertheless, I reach my destination in fine but famished spirits
Please do not judge me, for I’m drawn by a most mysterious and welcoming dinner
All the way to the cape of Southern Africa
where Chris stews a tale of chicken
The Cape Malay chicken curry

Wealthy with the positive side of the rainbow-nation’s divisive history, this meal unites all in South Africa. And I personally, almost find it blasphemous not to drool at the thought of a meal made by Chris

Fat garlic cloves(crushed), ginger root(finely chopped), aubergine(bite-sized chunks), red pepper(thickly sliced), Dhaniya(chopped fresh coriander), and assorted spices.

Large chicken fillets cut into bite-sized pieces, a tablespoon of Cape Malay curry powder, small halved potatoes and we are ready to get cooking.

You will need a heavy large saucepan with a lid,
fry the onions in a little canola oil, add potatoes and spice powders
stir to combine, then add the garlic and ginger. Cook for a few minutes
Add chicken, and stir to coat in the spice mixture. Cook for 10 more minutes
Finally add red peppers and aubergine, pour hot water till halfway the pan, and cook until vegetables are ready
Keep adding hot water so that dish does not dry out.
When all is ready, stir in coriander leaves.

This can be served with brown basmati, flat bread or naan, plus a favourite pickle/chutney.

Cape Malay Chicken curry dinner by Chris

You might think that by the end of Chris’ sumptuous dinner, my stomach is working overtime.
But I am Ugandan, and three large meals with a smaller one in between is how I was raised(thank God our local meals back then were mostly steamed rarely fatty).
I drag my cape chicken-malay-filled belly, for I have one more trip to make;
Up North to the Island of Great Britain
For Robbie’s unquestionable dessert awaits.

A long post this has been
and a sweet ending it deserves-

Multi-coloured chocolate balls
Beyond delicious and a big hit with guests
But I am not just a guest
Today I am an explorer

More than happy to oblige my curiosity, Robbie spills some secrets
Dessert is an art that demands precision so I will try and be thorough;

Ingredients: 60 grams butter, 125 ml milk, 125 ml double cream (the cream must be thick, if you can’t find double cream then whip the cream), 125 ml white sugar, 125 ml cocoa powder, 150 grams milk chocolate broken into small pieces, 210 grams plain digestive biscuits (or any other rich tea biscuit), 250 ml coloured sprinkles.

Method: Put the tea biscuits in a plastic bag and use a heavy rolling pin to crush them. In a saucepan on the stove, heat the butter, milk, double cream, and sugar until the butter has melted and the sugar is dissolved. Mix in the cocoa powder and bring to the boil. Remove the pot from the heat and add the chocolate. Allow it to melt slowly into the mixture, stirring from time to time. When the chocolate is completely melted, mix in the crushed biscuits.

These rich and decadent chocolate treats are perfect for high holidays, so wink wink for this coming Easter.
Fun to make, and loved by all.
Robbie further shares of a delicious alternative;
you can use almond flour instead of cocoa, which gives the balls a delicious fudgy floavour

Multicoloured chocolate balls dessert by Robbie

Ahh, I sigh in content
Around the world in a day of meals.
Not much more I’m able to say
I will retire to bed with a book;
Perhaps A Ghost and his Gold by Robbie Chaedle
Or Spirit of the Shell man by Chris Hall
And if I’m too exhausted, I might peruse Maria Michaela’s short but impactful poetry
And if I feel a little lonely, Jane Aguiar writes deep, relatable and cajoling romance
Or I might fiddle through Pooja’s lifesfinewhine for awesome lifestyle tips and addictive six word stories.

  • laced together by judeitakali, Compiled from;-
  • Maria Michaela – Breakfast
  • Pooja Gudka -Brunch
  • Jane Aguiar- Lunch
  • Chris Hall- Dinner
  • Robbie Cheadle – Dessert

Hope you enjoy this. Feel free to follow the links to these awesome members of the wordpress community.

I really enjoy exercising my creativity on this cooking and poetry feature. Read some of the others HERE

My debut novel on Lulu- HERE
Stay safe everyone, Stay loving

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Gaia’s woes. Collaboration poetry

Something in the air has changed
The flowers have lost their colors
The trees hide in the shadows
The earth is shaking, seemingly in fear
Nature seems to be wilting, dying slowly

This curse began with clouds
Clouds that blackened day like watered ink splotched upon discarded paper
For we wasted the sky and the green and the blue
Tossed them aside for bedeviled prosperity
And when the sun disappeared, we squinted our eyes and moved on
Pretending we had not been warned
And thus the ancient dreads awoke

Thunder roared and many hid in fear
While lightning split open the sky
They come in many forms
They come to cleanse the earth
They will spare no one

Rap-tap-tap they prowl deserted streets
Skree-kree-kree they scrape against the door
We hide in silence, daring neither hope nor love
And yet for an hour each day these dreads retreat
But what can we do with one hour?
An hour to save our children’s world
An hour for reckless love

Still, a glimmer of hope lives in the hearts of those who have tried and fought this downfall of humanity
They try and appease the dreads
Working on what they can for an hour
They toil the muddy soil despite being told by many that all is lost
But their hope and faith is greater than their fears,
So they go on, they persist

It begins with a whisper
Hushed words from cowed lips
We do not speak to each other, we speak only to the plants
hum lullabies to withering trees and wilting shrubs
We need them but many think it’s too late,
Until the first bud blooms.
Only an hour each day; an hour to sing a tree to life, an hour to save a dying world.

Copyright mariamichaela and judeitakali.

I hope you enjoy this collaboration. Michaela wrote in bold italics and I did the light italics. We sort of just went with where the verses took us and it ended up being about nature. Maria also chose the art and I in turn picked the title.

Michaela has an awesome blog with soft and beautiful poetry. I always get the feel good vibe from her site- Maria Michaela poetry

Don’t forget, my debut novel Realms of the Mist is now available for purchase HERE

Stay safe everyone, stay loving.

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Toxic collaboration. #poeticprose

By Pooja(Italics) and Jude(bold italics)

You came into my life like a snow storm in the middle of May,
And just like that you changed my life forever,
With you I learnt to expect the unexpected,
You were the only one that saw the real me,
And you were the one that shattered me beyond recognition,
You broke me every single day and yet you always put me back together,
Your diamonds turned into rhinestones,
Your red roses turned black,
And yet I know that you will always be the only one for me

When I cared you ignored. When I was mean, you clang on. What then should I have done, when all I wanted, was all of you.

I tried to hold on even when you pushed me away. I kept waiting for you to try. Even just a little.

It was easy to hurt you, but hard to see you cry. I told myself I’d try, but in the end I always knew you’d leave me.

A small part of me died every time you made me cry, until I no longer recognized the person in the mirror. I told myself I’d stay forever, but in the end I always knew I’d leave you.

Good riddance! I say each day. I’m sorry! I mourn each night. Cradling a glass of bitter whisky, for each dark lonely hour without you.

If leaving was for the best why do I cry myself to sleep every night? Why does your face haunt me in my dreams? Do you even care that I’m gone? Every night I fall apart wishing I was falling apart in your arms. You torture my very soul without even trying.

Alas you left me, smote like ash in the embers of our love
And just like that, you changed my life forever
I heard you’re happy now; with a new beau to boot.
I wonder, if like me you remember-
Each kiss, each tear, each bliss!
All the deepest darkest secrets we shared
But I know you regret nothing
Why would you–that burden is mine to carry
I will always be ash, swept away in the memories of our lost love
And I pray to never love again
For the love I bear, is a rotten love!

©Lifesfinewhine © judeitakali

Toxic love is quite the enigma. It’s been ages since my last collaborative post. I hope you enjoy this one. Eager to hear your thoughts in the comments (I think Pooja will pass by too).

I always enjoy working with Pooja(she’s cool peeps) Check out her wonderfully diverse and in my opinion model site here; Lifesfinewhine.

Stay safe everyone. Stay loving.

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The Change needed. A poetry Collaboration.

Hey everyone, the last collaboration for this holy week is with JulesPaige from Jules Pens Some Gems blog.
I did the normal case, and Jules’ part is in italics.
Hope you enjoy;

Falling stars streak across a mysterious night
And I gaze from the silence of loneliness
Wondering how I too
Once lived so bright
And yet I now cascade through the endless blackness of grief.

That halo around the moon
Warns of inclement weather
The reign of terror in my thunderous beating heart
Does not wash away the shadows…
My tears flow, fear I may drown

This wailing winter seeks my cold lonely heart
Its chill caresses the mangled gates, bent by many a lover
“Let me in” it seduces
Akin to my damp and dark soul
For though spring has come and thaws from without
The truest warmth must always come from within

As the new blossoms of spring unfurl
Winter’s grip has no choice but to loosen
The icy grip that has kept me in frozen limbo
I inhale deeply the heady scent of the hyacinth …
The sun God Apollo wakens from his slumber

Fly Oh Apollo Fly
Blaze your chariot across this barren Boread doom
Set free Gaia’s sensuous aromas
Let growth rejoice and life replenish
Let the waning warmth I’ve guarded so jealously
And the failing hope I’ve hoarded selfishly
Be shared and thus grow stronger

After being held a captive witness
To the roaring of another fickle March
The lamb returns unto the fold, docile and loving
“April ‘come she will” with perhaps a new love
Yes, me looking in the mirror and learning to
Love who I can become; and accepting who I am!

A halo can be seen around the moon before it rains
The blessing of cleansing

The hyacinth is a symbol of peace, commitment, and beauty
A pledge of virtues that cannot be frozen

March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb
The wildest things can become the most beautiful

For the Change we need begins within.

Did you know;

– The water hyacinth is the symbol of the son god Apollo, and also symbolises power and pride.

– Boreas in Greek mythology is the north wind famous/infamous as the bringer of winter.

Hey guys, I’ve really enjoyed the collaborative work this holy week.

From Within by Jude and Jules.

This is the last one, for atleast a couple of months I think.
I do hope you enjoy it.

So why not go on over to Jules Pens Some Gems and enjoy more from Jules.

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

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Love in a hopeless place. Poetry collaboration

Hey everyone. Michaela of Maria Michaela poetry and I combined for this deeply symbiotic collaboration. We share a love for horror and romance, but since this is the holy week, we changed it a little.

Michaela wrote in bold italics and I did the light italics.

Hope you enjoy;

A cold wind swept through the land
And all was quiet
The rustling leaves and howling breeze
Was the only sound

Dead foliage scraped atop unhallowed ground
And wails of torment clawed from within
Misery writhing in obsidian soils

Dark days have finally come
Roots of sorrow digging deep underground
All is lost now, it would seem

Yes, the future bodes grim and gruesome
As death laughs in the face of love
And I search despondently
For I need you now more than ever

But the darkness seems to devour everything
I cannot see where your light is
Fear has gripped its cold hands
Upon my very soul

If one forsakes the other, we are both lost
If you succumb to despair, then evil consumes me as well
For in this game of soulmates,
Without hope, there can be no light

Though I cannot see you, I feel your love
It slowly warms my cold soul
I muster the courage to let it flow through me
I let your love fill my core
Hoping to spark a light from within

Tartarus has grown weary of our presence
For in our search we have held vigil, even in its darkest abyss.
A lonely light, and its forlorn spark
And when we ignite, even Hades will wretch
Spitting us out;
All the way to lover’s Elysium

For love will always find a way.

© judeitakali
© Mariammichaela

I do hope you enjoyed this.

Please go on over and explore Maria Michaela poetry for more from Michaela. She’s awesome.

The force is strong, lol.

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

N.B As I highlighted in this week’s previous collaborations, this Holy week on my site, is a week for posting collaborative work. I hope you stay tuned for just one more tomorrow.
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It takes two to love. Collaboration.

Hey everyone,
Aishwarya of Kittyverses blog and I worked together to create this prose and abhanga poetry collaboration.
She wrote in light italics and I wrote in bold italics.

Please take your time and enjoy;

If love was a rose, it’d shrivel up finally,
If love was a butterfly, it’d flit away hastily,
If love was a horse, it’d gallop free quickly,
If love was dawn, it’d be engulfed by dusk lastly,
If love was a cloud, it’d be carried by wind to another land promptly,
If love was a mountain, it’d be rigid unfeeling soberly,
If love was moon, it’d alter constantly,
If love wasn’t a feeling,
A feeling immortalised by two people,
It wouldn’t last time’s endearing test endlessly.

Where art thou I seek?
Yee love of changing face
So much more; So much less
For thou, dreams too

Both united yet cold
For they don’t wait to meet
And they don’t wait to greet
Tangled union.

Oh why the same old love
Seen through this dusty lens
Through which this life makes sense
No you; no me

Monotony reflects
Of love that is boundless
Of care that is ceaseless
Freshness repeats

What could this love become
I think but do not know
I feel then flashes show
For love is Heart

Of rosy youthful days
Through time when strands turn grey
Companion’s hand I pray
Life and after.

This rose blossoms, but its thorns draw blood
A butterfly tells of rebirth, and yet it has no home
The prize stallion wins all races, but alas it’s sold to the highest bidder
Dawn tames the horrors of night, but dusk sets them all free
The Cumulus shapes according to dreams, but changes in the blink of an eye
I seek the majesty of mountains, but cannot pass from their leeward side
The full moon beams in splendor, but only once in every month
And the lonely wolf will never find home
Until it finds its lifelong mate.

© judeitakali
© Kittyverses

I hope you enjoy this.

If you employ a keen eye, you can see that the aspects in the conclusion I wrote, stem from the ones in the introduction Aishwarya wrote, that is;
rose, butterfly, horse, dawn….etc.

Please visit Kittyverses to indulge in more from Aishwarya, or as I’m trying but failing to call her, ‘Arya’

An abhanga is a four verse poem with a 6/6/6/4 syllable count, where the two middle verses rhyme.

Flow and rhythm with ‘Arya’
N.B As I highlighted in yesterday’s collaboration, this Holy week on my site, is a week for posting collaborative work. I hope you stay tuned for more still.

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

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Possibilities. A floral sonnet (Collaboration)

Hey everyone. This post is a collaboration of photography and poetry.
AmyRose of Heaven on Earth blog is an amazing, and soulful photographer.
I am always deeply moved by her shots and captures.
With her permission, I wrote a sonnet for her Spring crocus blooms.

Whence and why this moment, I cannot know
For though I’ve longed; your timing is perfect
You greet like dawn and soothe when sun is low
Welcome’ you always say, Joy; your aspect

I have dreamt of much wonder and delight
I have inhaled the fragrances of hope
Yet in you, it all somehow blooms in sight
Petals in which darkness and light elope

Oh ‘whites’ that beam a spectrum of virtue
All that’s beside, glows new in resplendence
Clean-slates and beginnings, long overdue
And thus I swoon, at your magic of forgiveness

So come dear one, will you not see what I see
Will you not embrace all, that you could be!

© judeitakali

All images watermarked for protection.

I really hope you enjoy this.

Floral sonnet with Amy.

Each stanza of the sonnet is juxtaposed to the image it follows,
As this is a collaboration.

Feel very welcome to visit Heaven On Earth blog, to enjoy more of Amy’s photography.

Stay safe everyone, stay loving.

P.S I’m making this holy week leading up to Easter, a collaboration week.
I hope you stay tuned for more.
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Spirit Invasion. A cinquain and etheree collaboration (Part 2 of 2)

…..That time is no more
The darkness is now sentient
And the light has sent its warriors
Too few
But the battle has began!

From Part 1

She woke
To the sound of an alarm
Checking time to confirm morning
It was darkness that greeted
Not the usual light
The birds didn’t chirp
Neither was the sun anywhere in sight
The neighbors weren’t around and about
Neither did the milkman arrive
Only the insects crooned
And darkness was light

The Coming was not what we expected
Spirits needed mortals to survive
But angels would not possess men
And so, outnumbered, they chose
From the creatures of night
To fight in shadows
Nocturnal aids
To the few
good men

Messes nature
Moonlight their only touch
Confounded by street lights, path lost,

She led the resistance, blew the power
For the lights confused the night creatures
And the angels needed an edge
How ironic it all seemed
That in darkness was hope
And the enemy
Haunted the day

Life’s light
Bringer of hope
Caregiver of comfort
Life exists on the other side too

Long night
When the Wild
Came for Evil
When Good proved to all
That darkness comes from light
And angels dwell in them both
So if you wake and cannot see
Then listen for the creatures of night
And know that Good will always be Stronger!

In droves
They congregate
On doors of supreme light
Regain life, like it used to be

Once, we loved the dawn
Sighed with relief at sunrise
But now we wait for dusk
To glow by twilight
For when the spirits came,
The world was changed forever.

Hi everyone, as promised Aishwarya and I are back continuing our story in this final part.
Part 1 was a garland cinquain collaboration that concentrated on the evil spirits coming, and ended with the bit we quoted at the beginning of this post.
You can read the first part HERE

In this final part 2, Aishwarya wrote everything in bold(Intro and cinquains)
And I did the other half(etherees and conclusion).

We do hope you enjoy and share your thoughts on this two part series.

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

Please visit Aishwarya’s site; @kittyverses

Be sure to check out and possibly participate in this month’s The Saturday Sympyhony (First Kiss)