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Claimed #etheree and poem.

Space dangles freedom before the tired mind
Yet hearts still incarcerate one’s will
When desire haunts isolation
And longing stifles healing
They say to start within
But it is in depth
that yearning thrives
The Empty
That is

Roots of a soulmate
To be lost, yet ever claimed
undying fealties

Tiny Treasure Corner

Fabulous Linguine with clam sauce by Eileen Slovak. I really hope to try this some day soon.

This dish brings me back to my roots, a small town in Rhode Island called Narragansett, where the ocean was only steps away. I was spoiled by the abundance of fresh seafood readily available. Boy do I miss it!

Linguine with clam Sauce by Eileen Slovak

This is an easy dish to make even if you don’t have access to fresh clams. But if you do, all the better. Gather your ingredients and let’s go!

Full recipe here…

Hope you enjoy this.




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31 thoughts on “Claimed #etheree and poem.

  1. Powerful words, Jude, in your poem for it is when we do go within, letting go of the outcome, that is when healing begins.

    LOVE the dish and yes how true it is when we look back we see what we had and in doing so, realize then how fortunate we were. There is something to appreciating what we do have in the present Moment.

    Your clam picture made my mouth water. Yummy!!

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  2. Wonderful poetry, Jude, especially these lines: ‘Yet hearts still incarcerate one’s will
    When desire haunts isolation
    And longing stifles healing’ – very powerful message capped with that uplifting ending! 🙂

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  3. This post was really cool, I like all the variables you have at play here. It seemed to be about transcendence and life’s tiny pleasures, but I am not sure. I really liked this, it was really interesting.

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