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Amorous soul #poetry #Tarzanelle

Sweet little Mimi
Do you remember?
Your mind of whimsy

How hearts grew fonder
Amorous soul on full display
Do you remember?

You ran each day
with hood and boot
Amorous soul on full display

That same old route
Where homeless waited
With hood and boot

Their stories sated
You begged together
Where homeless waited

you always found your hour of wander
hood filled with bills, for a story to ponder
Sweet little Mimi
Mind of Whimsy
That old man blessed you with plenty.

Moonwashed musings

Tiny Treasure Corner.

This week our language game is a tautogram, that is a text in which almost all words start with the same letter This week’s letter is the consonant Ⓜ.
Here’s mine:
May magical memories make my March mornings mild and merry
I invite you, if you like, to play with us and write tautograms in your own language. They will be shown here – Tautogramma game from wordsmusicandstories.

Hey Guys, I have tests this weekend so I hope you enjoy this little poem. A tarzanelle is quite complex but very fun. Did it in between revision. Mind’s extra sharp now, hehe.

Loved Eugi’s moonwashed prompt image, reminded me of whimsy. And I so want to try Luisa Zmbrotta’s game in the Tiny Treasure Corner.

Catch you soon…