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What comes Next #RXC #writephoto

Hey everyone,
This is a somewhat unique and personal post for Reena’s xploration challenge and Caley’s writephoto.

It’s no secret that writing is my dream and I mean to do it for the rest of my life. As I write my debut fantasy trilogy(book 2 coming this May), my subconscious has been thinking about what next.

For Sue in the ether
In the heavens
In the spirit.
We remember you

As I lined up Caley and Reena’s prompts, I thought about my own art- Writing. So I looked through my old journals dating back to 2013 and behold: I found my next projects.

Acknowledge the great creator’s role in your creativity. And use those gifts.

I was so excited to find that even then I’d made somewhat meticulous notes on how to write these books; the characters, themes, settings, plotlines, even handwritten 1st chapters for all three books.

The Universe is always conspiring to help us. We just need to ask. And the best way to ask is by beginning.

I didn’t have a blog ten years ago, didn’t even know that what I was writing in my journals was poetry and prose. I couldn’t have pulled off those projects then. But now and in the future as I learn and manifest, I think, I hope, I believe I can do them justice. The ideas are amazing(for me at least). I see them from much closer, like my nineteen year old self has passed me the baton, except I’m now much fitter and I know how to get to the finish line.

There is no patent on creating
At its heart, it’s freedom.

If we have the nerve to look, we can see in any face, our own vulnerability.

I hope sharing these encourages anybody else who is waiting to start. Do it for your inner child. Also, I hope to get subscribers for my publications, lol.

Writing projects for the near future

  1. May 2023 – Realms of the Mist Book 2
  2. November/December 2023 – Poetry book linked to mentalhealth
  3. Autumn 2024 – Final Book 3 Realms of the Mist.

Middle/Long term projects

Most details here are tightly under wraps for now. Tentative titles. My 19year-old-self had a real talent for blurbs and synopsis(es), a talent I seem to have lost.

  1. SurrensvilleA paranormal mystery (novel or series with a touch of the occult)
  2. Imagine Endless ThingsLiterary fiction (‘The play of the century.’ I used to love theatre. Definitely a stand alone novel)
  3. BestowedDetective horror (stand alone novel)

Poetry will always be in between the novels, where I’ll hope to share personal reflections and any wisdom and experiences I pick/have picked up.

May the universe accept these dreams, because I already have.

What moves people to genius, or rather what inspires their work, is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough.


Today’s Tiny Treasure

Physically weak
Mentally strong
Women the epitome
Of inherent strength
Shoulders the burden
Carries the entire weight
Of the family she helps raise
There are so many faces of her
Each in its own way perfect...

When she bleeds, she bleeds in Technicolour by Sadje.

I’m sharing a lot of personal things of late. Maybe that’s the universe pushing me to finally ask that girl out, lol.

I hope to post some poetry and prose for Women’s day tomorrow.