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The trappings of Growth. #HaikuTales #TWT

Hey everyone, I got permission from Amy of HeavenOn Earth blog to use her amazing nature photos to write this haiku journey. Alongside, are short twenty word stories for Bookish Bubble’s #TWT. Hope you enjoy.

pale sun and cold winds
memories in the empty
where beauty lingers

Beneath the Vivid, are the secrets of where it all began. For who you have become, there was once nothing.

lost forsaken seed
you must fight lonely battles
to bloom from the murk

Beneath the Vivid, a story of defiance unfolds. Though the voice cannot be heard, a thought takes root. A dream!

against fell winters
comes the test of endurance
how bad you want it

Beneath the Vivid, the struggle goes unrewarded. And the one who is something, but not yet that intended thing, despairs.

the first fruits of spring
a pittance to thorough-breds
Was it all worth it?

Astride the Vivid, you come to a Crossroads: who you want to be, who you are, and who you can become.

twigs on the vine
fallen branches do not mourn
the room made for growth

Aloft with the Vivid, beauty flocks to beauty. But you were not born this way. You see deeper, further, Beneath the Vivid.

Book Candy Corner

is a story of survival and resilience and hope. 

Cici’s junior year in high school is going to be the best year ever. Popular co-captain of the varsity cheerleading team, she’s dating the starting quarterback. Even her jealous co-captain’s attempts to steal her boyfriend can’t curb her enthusiasm.

When her mom moves in with her fiancé, a handsome, wealthy man, only one small detail threatens Cici’s perfect life. The school’s social pariah is about to become her stepsister, and Cici wants nothing to do with her.

Everything changes when someone Cici cares about throws her life into a tailspin, and the one person Cici couldn’t stand becomes her only ally.

Warning: This story contains scenes of sexual assault. Visit Yvette’s website for more of awesome work: Yvette Calleiro.

Hope you enjoy.

I may have gone overkill with five twenty-word-story submissions for BookBubble, but I’d promised to send one in yesterday, so this is me making up for being late. The prompt word was Vivid, so I made it a major theme and used it a lot, lol. But most importantly, it fit so well with the message arroused by Amy’s Photography.

Looking forward to your thoughts,


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Doors and blades of grass #poetry


Once, we painted the door to shared dreams of two
Unloved, it now reminds me of you
Fades of time corrode its sheen
Too long left unseen
Glum relic
with hope grating thin
My soul barters for its queen
Must I swap new greens for an old blue
Or evolve, to sparkle in different hues

Great expectations
On the tip of a lone gaze
longing for the stars
I stretch for the heighest leaf
When grass below has all I need


An Andaree poem for Colleen’s tankatuesday
Based on image prompt from Caley’s #writephoto
And theme from Reena’s xploration challenge.

The tanka continuation was inspired by Sadje’s whatdoyousee

Today’s Tiny Treasure

Shine little glow worm glimmer glimmer
Shine little glow worm glimmer glimmer
Lead us lest too far we wander
Love’s sweet voice is calling yonder

Shine little glow worm glimmer glimmer
Hey there don’t get dimmer dimmer
Light the path below above
Lead us on to love
Extract from this beautiful rhythmic poetry and song.
Glow worm by LadySighs

An Andaree has an 11/9/7/5/3/1/3/5/7/9/11 syllable structure with an AabbcbcbbaA rhyme scheme.
Hope you enjoy.
Looking forward to your thoughts


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Coming home

Hey everyone. Hope you’re well.

I’ve been in a very remote part of the country and data signals have been hard to come by. I could tweet from a secluded part of my “motel” but with 2G, even those took forever so I gave them up. I’m in a larger town now. On my way back from working on an extra project. The new academic semester starts on Monday and I had to scrounge up at least half the tuition to begin.

There was an upside to my near-isolation from the internet. Loads of nature walks, and almost-obsessive work on the sequel to Realms of the Mist. I’m so proud and excited about this book. But more on that later, in the lead up to release.
I’ll be back online, active again on Monday, so read you then, I guess.

Here’s an interesting illustration you may relate to:

You exist in this world but live amidst the pages
From your heart grows a tree 
Sowing seeds of darkness, light, and all in between 
You ride a carousel of joys and pleasures 
Risk paths of pain and horror 
You cannot stop 
Addicted to the essence of things 
To the font of nature
Human nature by Intellecta Design

Be safe