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To make a better world #poetry

New day
Moondust in the eye
I scoop her glistening tears
And cup their wonder in parched palms
I walk the barren way
Is this the elixir of a soul
Each drop blooms a flower
Lillies from the slab
Daisies in the can
Dreams may grow anywhere
With a tear
With a kindness

Today’s Tiny Treasure

A chilly breeze blows across the apartment through large, open
We find ourselves observing the shifting seasons, passengers
through time
Our senses tingle at winter's birth...

Coninue reading here: Windows or fourth dimension by skepticskaddish

Hey everyone. Happy Sunday. Just one more week of exams for me. I’ll be done on 27th Jan, then I can finish the beta copy of my novel. Todays Tiny Treasure is a real treat. Follow the link and read, and if you like it, don’t be shy to leave a like and a comment.

I wanted to post something today but I’ve been busy studying so I shared a poem from my twitter(follow me there too). I’ll be writing again after Friday but I will share a couple of poems during the week.

Looking forward to your thoughts.




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24 thoughts on “To make a better world #poetry

  1. What a lovely poem, Jude!

    I like the picture of the marigold growing in a pothole too. It reminds me of when a California Poppy grew out of a crack between the street and the curb in front of a place I used to work. I was even more impressed that people let it be and didn’t take the flowers or the plant entirely for themselves either!

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  2. This picture of a flower ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒผ that grows up on top of a rock concrete..means a lot divinely good in my life compere man to this flower ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒน example I am a rose ๐ŸŒน that grows from the concrete mean a wealthy rich man that God bless divinely out of nothing ..nice picture I really love the picture

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    1. Alas I can’t claim credit for the picture. Got it off google images but im happy it has such a meaningful symbolism for you.


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