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Between Echoes #Whatdoyousee #etheree

In the midst of a hero and villain
She contemplates a colourless whim
In the gray she’s found no rewards
Only aches from toeing lines
She weighs ambivalence
On slabs of regret
Between echoes
All answers

The unscratchable itch!
Only another can relieve you
But who, depends on you
Your deeds lure them
Your intentions harness karma
Hope alone is futile
For this thing you want
requires faith
And faith is tested
Is strengthened
Is nurtured
So get up
Maybe you can’t do it on your own
But still, you must do

Book Candy Corner

Mama, me and Mother nature – By Eugenia Francie Hoffman.This book relates to my childhood and takes place in the late forties through the sixties. It could be about anyone’s childhood during that time. I was a curious child, always wanting to know more, always wanting to create something and always busy with anything and everything, just like my mom and just like mother nature.”

For much more from the author, check out her blog: Moonwashed Musings

Hey guys, hope you enjoy the poetry for Sadje’s whatdoyousee image prompt.

With the addition of corners to my blog posts in yet another busy study-work-write… year, I think I can maintain my blog presence better than I did in 2022. The corners allow me to create quicker posts but still offer more to the reader.

Looking forward to your thoughts.




Author @JItakali on twitter

25 thoughts on “Between Echoes #Whatdoyousee #etheree

    1. Thank you Sadje. I’m doing a bit of scheduling. So I wrote this and Reena’s on Monday after my paper. The next two papers are next week. I’ll write something for next week over the weekend in my offtime. I can read a few posts and respond to comments at least once every two days. I guess it’s how I take time off now.☺

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  1. Beautiful poetry, Jude, and thank you so much for mentioning my book, Mama, me and Mother Nature. What a lovely thing to do and I was thrilled to see this! 💖😘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No problem, Eugi. It’s the least I can do. 💖Hopefully I’ll be able to review come next year when studies are done and I can read more.


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