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Hidden in childhood & #RXC #poetry

Hey everyone, before my take on Reena’s Xploration Challenge, I have some sparkling news.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I’ll be part of the upcoming Hidden in Childhood poetry anthology. Huge thanks to Gabriella Marie Milton and Literary Revelations Publishing House for the opportunity to join over 150 remarkable poets in this captivating compilation.

If you open the pages of this poetry collection, you will be mesmerized by the talent of the contributors, and by the range of stylistic approaches they use to recreate the world of childhood. The pages you will read memorialize the beauty and magic of childhood – remembrance of love and fairytales – as well as its ugliness – abuses, poverty – that unfortunately still exist in our world…

Extract from Gabriela’s preface, continued HERE

This really does promise to be something special.

Okay, do you sometimes accept to be taken advantage of? Do you think some people hold so much virtue that they have room for everyone, even the ones who don’t deserve it? In providing refuge to the darker forces, are we encouraging evil or changing it?

Chosen by Virtue #RXC

Woe upon thy blessed heart
Its web of veins sieve all the bad
To see only beauty
Bright hues it will cherish
Dark shades it embraces
Woe oh woe to thee who sees no evil
Who glimpses all colour
With crepuscular eyes

Victim of virtue
They all bleed on your canvas
for they are welcome

Reena’s Xploration Challenge

Todays Tiny Treasure Corner

In this prison I am not alone
There is food and warmth
A security the body craves
but a nourishment
unable to feed the mind
Here in your jail my soul possessed
Cramped in a cell, my words stifled...
(continue reading - swimming with a hook in my mouth by Christine)

Looking forward to your thoughts. Hope you enjoy the poetry. Feel free to indulge in Today’s Tiny Treasure. Until next time..