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Challenges and flying fish #song #poetry

Of drink I have little
Of food I have less
My strength tells me no
But the path demands yes
My legs are short and the way is so long
I've no rest nor comfort
No comfort but song
Sing to me, Sing to me
Lands far away
Rise up and guide me this wandering day

Huge thanks to the Rings of Power series for the song in verse above. It has been such a comfort to me this January. I sing it every night after revision. I almost recorded myself doing so but perhaps another time.

wandering harfoots in Rings of power

Midnight calls me
Rest but a moment it says
And I listen but do not heed
For I know the impatient things
that dwell in my darkness
Things I’m yet to tame
Things from which dreams and dread are born

Midnight, I am coming
But first I learn the ways of the sun
For we must trade
Light to shape your shadows
To give them meaning
That we may create together

With my editor, Chris Hall, steadily on the mend, I start the new year deficient of an editor for the second installment of the Realms of the Mist trilogy. Recommendations are more than welcome. Alas, this wandering way.

Tall Tales Corner

The fish that grew wings
Landed in a nest
Oh well, they will eat me anyway, it said
But the owl was afraid
A flying fish? it pondered
The eagle was blinded by its dazzling scales
My prey does not shine so, the eagle thought
And the Robin roosting on its eggs
Thought what an odd child it had hatched
But a mother, it fed the fish anyway
The fish was so loved and so safe it grew as beautiful as a star
Until the shark grew wings as well
And it knew exactly what the fish was
But the fish was loved
And the shark would find out the hard way.

Hope you enjoy this. To know the brief origin of the tall tales corner, refer to my Blog changes post HERE

Looking forward to your thoughts. Still unable to read your sites as much, but I will after the exams.