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Blog changes and #Whatdoyousee poetry

Hey guys, this year I’m adopting the habit of sharing others’ work in the blogsphere. In this vein, I’ll be introducing corners to my blog posts. There will be three corners rotating randomly depending on, well, on me I guess:

  1. Book Candy Corner – to share books from authors I admire.
  2. Today’s Tiny Treasure Corner – to share short skits from should-see/should-read blog posts, like reblogs (links provided).
  3. Tall tales Corner– Just for laughs and whimsy.

This will have an effect on my monthly feature, The Saturday Symphony, originally meant to do this kind of sharing though now relieved of duty, to enable more regular sharing. The Symphony is also undergoing a creative facelift. I hope you’ll enjoy the adjustments.


#Whatdoyousee Image prompt
These spaces of legacy
Gifts passed down
Burdens of another's hopes
All in the name of love

Of boots that cannot be filled
Of worn out steps that walked unending ways
Of something bigger than any One
Preserving 'Them'
In the name of 'Us'
Without a 'me'

The burden of inheritence need not be a burden
It is ours to improve, ours to make better
The fruits of my forebears
I choose to enjoy
But the dirt from which they grow
I cannot avoid


Book Candy Corner

Bad Moon by Anita Dawes. At the turn of the century, Annie’s life in Virginia was perfect until she discovered a nasty family secret. Something her parents have been doing for years.
Now she knows she cannot continue to live like this, but her protests fall on deaf ears.
How can she hope to change what has become a way of life for her family?
Her struggle to change everything only worsens her life, forcing her to try to escape. How far must she run to escape the truth?
Can Annie make a new life for herself, or will they hunt her down and bring her back?

Checkout Jenanita for more from Anita Dawes

Cheers for reading to the end. This new posting structure will adjust and become more coordinated between what I write, and what I share in the Corners. Looking forward to your thoughts. Gotta get back to the exams now.

This year, Micasa Sucasa.