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Caught in the gray. A haiku and senryu garland

Caught in the gray. A haiku and senryu garland

my table is yours
this dream grows bigger when shared
the meal is better

Oh winter’s sunrise
you once taught the secrets of warmth
when love held plenty

Cyclical seasons
why won’t life spin as you do
to bring my love back

In the cold between
I cling to your phantom warmth
within our gray scarf

Oh winter’s sunset
replay our intimate times
thaw my loneliness

Linger in the gray
where transcient souls are moulded

I’m on a haiku spree. I hope you enjoy these next ones that I wrote on twitter yesterday.

Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to follow me if you are on twitter. I have shorter writing I post there.

Blessed day and happy thanksgiving.



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29 thoughts on “Caught in the gray. A haiku and senryu garland

    1. Hiii Jules. Forgive the very late response. Thank you so much for appreciating.πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ½


    1. Thank you so much, Cindy. That one was like an epiphany. I must confess it had me so excited when it came to me. Tied everything up.

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