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The Badger in the Picture #micropoetry

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Hey everyone,
It’s a Saturday and I’m indulging in a poetic form I haven’t written in a while: the badger hexastich. It is a short syllabic poem (details at the end)
I did a series of them, each accompanying an image I’ve been meaning to write for.
All seven of these badgers form one single poem. I hope you enjoy.

This looks horrible in the reader. Please open in browser to participate in poll, and see proper arrangement.

these mirrored depths
Reflections of my soul
demand I acknowledge
darkness and light
are one

uncharted ways
rewards lurk in shadow
awaiting softer lights
judgement is not

bright mountain peaks
the night will come in haste
Stars belong to darkness
yet still they shine
they thrive

She bleeds
a trail of pain
the path to weeping soul
for thee who takes her whole
even when unwhole
She waits

Oh Soul
imprisoned soul
This void is unending
Our hope has abandoned
Our joy is gone
It’s time

Won’t you
see what I see
This myriad of dreams
A path to redemption
The way to healing
calls us

Dear Soul
Step in the light
where day reveals beauty
and night is sure to come
ease your despair

As promised, a badger hexastich is a syllabic poem with (2/4/6/6//4/2) count.

Hope you enjoy. Looking forward to your thoughts…

Oh, this is also for Eugi’s moonwashed challenge. Her prompt is one of those seven. Follow this link to join in.

Stay safe, Stay loving



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15 thoughts on “The Badger in the Picture #micropoetry

    1. Thanks so much, Jane. I’ve been collecting those pics all week. Could’t choose between them so I used all.


    1. Thank you so much, Eugi. I enjoyed composing and structuring this so much but the minimal likes maybe show it may be too random of an idea.

      Liked by 1 person

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