Savannah love #kouta #poetry

Oh this land of loving sun!
where light wakes in song
and dancers bewitch shy moons
Sweet Savannah love

Aiyeee Aiyeee! we bellow
This need cannot hide
When love sings upon the wind
Lions sleep that night

The grass whispers our yearning
Secrets in the glade
The leopard won’t change its spots
So too our promise
of true Savannah love!


For #TankaTuesday this week, we were given a specific form chosen by Reena. The Kouta’s themes reflect ordinary life and often use colloquialisms and onomatopoeia. The most popular are love songs.

Kouta is a Japanese syllabic form perfect for traditional or hometown/village poetry. I hope you enjoy. Follow the tankatuesday link above to see the guidelines for writing it. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Stay safe, stay loving.