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Halloween Romance. A Garland Cinquain.

With You
What I wish for
Sweet words from painted lips
Bewitch, beguile, ensnare our love
In Dream

We walk
Beaneath these stars
Hands round waists, hearts abuzz
For shadowed kiss and whispered bliss
We Long

As one
With one purpose
We love and love blindly
Letting pleasure engulf our pain

Dare not wake us
For those up to no good
We forsake and solemnly swear

This love
of ignorance
Is perfect for my soul
Beyond spirit, within feeling

With You
Beneath these stars
We love and love blindly
We forsake and solemnly swear


For Sadje’s #whatdoyousee and Colleen’s #tankatuesday (what I wish for)

Been a while since I wrote a garland cinquain. Hope you enjoy. Looking forward to your thoughts.

I’m balancing between very dark and friendly-dark in the build up to halloween.

Previously in the very-dark(ish) category; Call of Darkness. #Horror #Villanelle

Stay safe everyone. Happy haunting.



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33 thoughts on “Halloween Romance. A Garland Cinquain.

  1. Hi Jude, your poem is spooky and lovely at the same time. I tried to come here from your comment in my post, but when I clicked your name or blog link, they didn’t work, it goes to a site that doesn’t exist anymore. I’m following you, so no problem for me, II see your posts on my reader, but if it is someone new to you, but if if it someone new to you it will be impossible to come here. Just a heads up in case you didn’t know it. 🙂

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    1. Oh no. I’ve tried to change it. I think once someone’s wordpress gets updated, so does my site link. It may still be the old one in yours but it goes to the new site for new viewers, I think. or it has when i’ve tried on other devices.

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