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Meant to be #poetry #haibun

hallowed waters gaze
‘tween the above and below
mirrors to the soul

My soul was made in colour. Dark shades that once boasted of unending depths, and bright hues which flirted with boundless heights. But alas, the world judges in black and white. In one’s idea of right and wrong. In one’s perception of darkness and light.

Fall of reflections
‘pon season’s winds and rivers
one leaf, many paths

My soul is a concoction of hues. A cup of Familiar with drops of Strange.
It forms in a cauldron of Order, over flames of Chaos.
Uniqueness was meant to be my strength, yet the world has deemed it weakness.

life may lurk within
yet wait on the edge of sight
dawn embracing dusk

If evil is born from good, then good can be born from evil. For our souls are not damned by a father’s sin, nor are they blessed by a mother’s virtue. Our souls are our own, dwelling in a spectrum of choice.

season between worlds
where my soul is meant to be
Fall that makes me whole



This is all quite metaphoric. Hope you enjoy, and find a message just for you. This was inspired by the weekly prompts tagged in each image.

Looking forward to your thoughts as usual.

Stay safe everyone, stay loving.



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40 thoughts on “Meant to be #poetry #haibun

  1. “Our souls are our own, dwelling in a spectrum of choice.”

    While all the lines tug and are telling – I like this one best, for we can choose right from wrong and we can choose different, which is just different. And different can be and is beautiful.

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