Halloween Romance. A Garland Cinquain.

With You
What I wish for
Sweet words from painted lips
Bewitch, beguile, ensnare our love
In Dream

We walk
Beaneath these stars
Hands round waists, hearts abuzz
For shadowed kiss and whispered bliss
We Long

As one
With one purpose
We love and love blindly
Letting pleasure engulf our pain

Dare not wake us
For those up to no good
We forsake and solemnly swear

This love
of ignorance
Is perfect for my soul
Beyond spirit, within feeling

With You
Beneath these stars
We love and love blindly
We forsake and solemnly swear


For Sadje’s #whatdoyousee and Colleen’s #tankatuesday (what I wish for)

Been a while since I wrote a garland cinquain. Hope you enjoy. Looking forward to your thoughts.

I’m balancing between very dark and friendly-dark in the build up to halloween.

Previously in the very-dark(ish) category; Call of Darkness. #Horror #Villanelle

Stay safe everyone. Happy haunting.

Hunting predators #halloween #flashpoetry

Hunting Predators

Hush now me lovey
let the goosebumps flare
feel the creeping chills
master night’s crawlies
Embrace the awakening!

Hush now be savvy
stalk the night prawler
watch the dead-eyed watcher
mimic the hunger that drives
Embrace the secrets of darkness!

Hush now yé glassy lass
ignore the tempting taffy
the suckle of candy-lovin laddies
and the bray for trick or treat
For yé must Avast the wicked hallow!

Hush now be shrewd and ashy
attack them bilgerats snazzy
put bay pon wicked ways
save joy on hallows day!

Hush now
true monsters live amongst us
choose thy costume wise
wear thy thicker skin
and poach the poacher’s rise.


Hope you enjoy this. Eugi’s moonwashed challenge prompted us with the word Stupendous, so I thought I’d have a go with this poem.

may yé be mindful of the real predators on halloween night.

Stay safe, stay loving.

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Dark lover #troiku #poetry

Too soon you were taken.
Too late did angels come
Too futile were my prayers
For only one could give you back
Only death!

Is there anything in this world more faithful than death?

Oh death come near me
ease thy relentless maraud
on autumn’s hallows

oh death come near me
come bestow thy eyeless gaze
faithful to a fault

ease thy relentless maraud
return my joy already taken
or love me forever

on autumn’s hallows
death returns you back to me
true love’s mimicry


The question of whether death is evil or benign may not really have an answer. By what laws it works, only it knows. Looking forward to your thoughts.

The troiku in bold is a form created by Chèvrefeuille.

This is for Colleen’s #tankatuesday this week.

For a little extra, my new twitter now live @JItakali

Stay safe everyone, Stay loving.

A Halloween ballad #whatdoyousee

At Dawn of Fall

She led him there at dawn of fall
A mother and her son in law
To right the wrong of daughter hurt
Tree and fog know it all

Each night he beat her daughter raw
And mother heard, but custom bound
Yet child cries and mother sates
She led him there at dawn of fall

Only she recalls that ritual
She, and bracken trees alone
Of son in law dead and gone
And yet returned, husband new

The mist concealed an evil old
A soul to take and gift to give
Hidden prints between the lines
Yet mother thought that all was fine

When twilight came she led him back
Her daughter pleased by husband changed
Till night waned and mist descends
While bracken trees pretend

Morning comes and mother calls
But to find, a daughter changed
A soul to take, a soul to lose
She leads them back, at dawn of fall

As mist awaits her willing soul
The price to pay for those unwilling
Husband daughter, returned yet lost
Forever to wander, at dawn of fall


Well, it’s October so naturally, my writing is going over to the dark side. *insert evil laugh* Hope you enjoy.

For Sadje’s #whatdoyousee image prompt.

Stay safe everyone. Be loving.